The reason our services are so casual:

Many of our members/visitors have very little to non-existent synagogue or congregational experience, so we don’t want to intimidate anyone. Our services are designed to highlight the most important parts of the holiday service with some joining-in by the members. Most of the services are in English, although we try to inject some of the more-recognized Hebrew segments.

Being in the Philippines, we also provide a translation in the national language; Tagalog for those local citizens that are attending/accompanying.

We sincerely feel that without our club, services, events, many modest Jews living in Angeles City, the Philippines or in Asia would never congregate with their own and eventually drift away from Judaism completely.

We provide an avenue, a haven for all Jews to be together….simply as Jews. That is an honest start. We want to give Jews who might have lost their Jewish identity….a small spark of Yiddishkeit.

We believe that; “To encourage people to drink, you first must bring them to water.”