Our Rabbi

Our “Rabbi”:

Well, his name is Norman (aka. Nissim) Gluck and he isn’t actually an “official” Rabbi ordained by any Jewish group, Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Traditional or otherwise.

So why is he our appointed and designated with the tile; “Rabbi”?

Because he was one of the first individuals who began this AC Jewish Club along with Ron and Bruce. He is from Toronto, Canada and was actually born and raised completely Jewish Orthodox, with Cheder and Yeshiva and everything. Not ultra-orthodox or Chassidish, but relatively mainstream Orthodox.

He attended Yesodai Hatorah for elementary, and partially lived in Israel for two years where he attended “Yeshivat Tel Aviv” built by “Harav Amiel”, the first Chief Rabbi of Israel. He continued his first two years of Yeshiva/High School at the “Yishuv Hachadash” which was the seminary continuation of the adjoining elementary school.

He then returned to Toronto, Canada where he attended Ner Israel Yeshiva & College for the balance of his high school years.

Later he continued at York University and Ryerson Polytechnic Institute (Now called Ryerson University) before he started his own business. Upon his parent’s retirement and returning to Israel, he stayed in Toronto Canada until 2002 when he decided to relocate and move his life to the Philippines in Angeles City.

Due to the fact that he was the only initial BagelBoy that had the strongest Jewish background, as well as fluency in Hebrew, and he managed to get along with all the regular and visiting AC Jewish, it seemed logical that he would be the “Leader” per se of the group. All the functions and services used to be conducted at his house, and he was the one who prepared all the food as well.

His wife translates all the Prayer Services into Tagalog; the Filipino language, for the benefit of our Filipino guests.