Our 6th Annual Passover Seder

Our 6th Annual Passover Seder will be Saturday, April 23, 2:00, Ron’s house.

Proposed menu – if anyone has suggestions, or wants to bring a little something, let us know:
Beef Stew; Roast Chicken; Mixed Vegetables; Potato Salad; Matzoh Ball Soup; Fish Fillet; Lovely Sweet Wine; Fe’s Famous Mango Float.

So all may follow along, the Hagaddah is translated into Tagalog – many thanks, Maria.

If you’d like a copy – some of our members have found it worthwhile to explain the Holiday in advance to their companions – just email.

If you ordered matzoh, patience. It’s on the way.

Please let us know if you are joining us for Seder. Thanks.

For those wondering about the beginning of the Bagelboys, below is a
picture of one of the founders, early on.

The winner of the Hide the Afikomen Contest is PAUL M, way up there in Baguio. Mazel Tov!

Hope to see you all at Seder…