About Us

What and who are we?

We are a small Jewish group of individuals keeping and celebrating our Jewish Heritage in the only primarily Catholic/English-speaking country in Asia. We are not affiliated with any Jewish organization or religious group. We have no anterior motive nor any will or wish of neither recruitment nor conversion.

Our sole purpose, function and goal, is to provide a common “Haven” for any and all Jews visiting or residing in Angeles City, the Philippines, or this part of the world. Everyone is invited. Everyone is welcome. No strings attached.

We cater to anyone Jewish….no matter where they come from, no matter if they are Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Ashkenaz, Sephardic, Mitrachi or Taymani. No matter if your mom, dad, grandparent was Jewish or not, no matter if you speak/read/understand Hebrew, no matter if you never went to Jewish school.

All Jews are openly invited and accepted. We don’t require formal or otherwise joining in any “club” or organization. We don’t force anyone to pray or push anyone to adorn Tefilin, or to follow any traditions. If you are Jewish, then come as you are. If you even feel Jewish, you are welcome as well.

Our sole purpose is to bring any and all Jews together in a free, non-obligatory warm and friendly environment. We are together as Jews. Simple as that. Basically, you are/feel Jewish? You are welcome, invited and embraced.

We have simple services for all the Jewish Holidays. They don’t focus or target any particular style or group. We just try to make the service reasonable, short, and easy for everyone to understand and follow. The service is the medium that brings us Jews together for fellowship and brotherhood.

We don’t expect nor enforce any “dress-code” or if you bring along a friend (even if they are not Jewish). Our purpose is not to be restrictive, rather casual and inviting to all. We are getting a group of Jews together who would otherwise never have any purposeful connection with other Jews or exposure to Yiddiskeit whatsoever. Some of those Jews feel “out of place” or even intimidated my more formal/orthodox Jewish gatherings.

We are not in “competition” with any other Jewish group, synagogue or association. Our friendship and fondness is strong with the Jewish Association of the Philippines/shul/synagogue in Makati. We are only offering a “haven” and an option for any Jew who might feel uncomfortable elsewhere. We are “the last door” in the hall for any Jew who desires or is willing to feel a “spark” of Yahadut (Judiasm) in the Philippines.

Our sole focus and motive, is bringing Jews TOGETHER to at least identify with their own group. We don’t have a specific facility of our own (YET!) so we meet at one of the member’s houses for holiday services.